Investing in Arrived webinars

Ryan Frazier, Arrived CEO, and Cameron Wu, VP of Investments, host weekly webinars to help you get started with rental property investing. Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Korin Hedlund, leads the live Q & A, making for an engaging live experience with Arrived’s leadership. Join the discussion and your questions answered by our industry experts.

Investing in Arrived webinars
Special Live Webinar

Product Roadmap Webinar

Join our Director of Product, Alex Nguyen where she will walk through how we build product at Arrived, features and feedback!

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Other On-Demand Webinars

So that you are equipped with the tools needed for your investment journey

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Vacation Rental Property spotlight! Ft. The Orchard

The Orchard property walk thru with VP of Investments, Cameron Wu and Director, New Investment Channels Cuauhtémoc Ocampo!

Vacation Rental Webinar

Arrived vacation rentals are now live! Dive into this new asset class with CEO, Ryan Frazier and VP of Investments, Cameron Wu.

Property Selection Strategy with Arrived’s Investment Team

Dive into how Arrived sources rental properties for investors with our very own real estate acquisitions experts. Using The Harrison, a property available for your investment on the day of the webinar, our VP of Investments, Cameron Wu, and Director of Investment Valuation, Jeff Talbert, will walk attendees through Arrived’s property selection process from start to finish.

Q2 Financials + Share Prices

Our leadership team discusses Arrived’s newest features, Share Prices, and our Q2 Financials.

Property Page Walkthrough with VP of Investments, Cameron Wu!

Arrived’s VP of Investments, Cameron Wu, gives a how-to tour of Arrived's Property Pages.

Q1 Financials & Share Prices

Check out in-depth analyses on how Arrived properties have performed, the status of their operations, and review of what properties are leasing up.

State Of The Market with our VP of Investments, Cameron Wu!

Cameron pulls together his extensive knowledge and experience of real estate investing, finance, law, and data analytics to equip investors with the insight they need to navigate the current state of the market.

Fractional Investing in Rental Properties Recording

All things real estate, fractional investing, and investment property ownership. Learn more about how to make money in multiple ways, diversification, low cost leverage, and historical returns. Arrived's easy-to-use platform allows investors to browse homes, select properties, buy shares, and begin earning income & appreciation.