A Note From Arrived on Your Investment Experience

In recent weeks, we have seen exponential growth with the interest in investing with our rental property shares. With this rapid growth we have been learning from each batch, listening to our clients, and working to improve the way we deliver for each of you. We’ve dedicated a considerable amount of time in the last week speaking with many of you and gathering feedback. 

So in an effort to improve the investing experience, we will be testing a new process where clients will be invited to view and invest in properties in a randomly selected order.

This test is relevant and important as our mission has always been to create equitable opportunities for all. The “first come first serve” method seemed to work well initially, but with the increase in demand from investors, the format created a race and rushed experience. We recognize that is not an ideal investing experience. By randomly inviting clients, we hope to provide more time to review new rental properties while making a decision.

question and answer:

Q: Why are you testing out this new property funding process?

A: While we work to increase supply to meet the growing interest of our clients, we feel this program is the best way to provide a better investing experience for all.

Q: Are any investors being given priority? 

A: No, we are selecting the invitation order at random. We value all of our investors equally 💙 

Q: What are the next steps for investors? 

A: You will get an email invitation that will grant special access to your account so that after you login you are able to see the new available properties and invest. 

Q: When can I expect to receive an invite to invest in available properties?

A: We will start inviting people to invest beginning tomorrow, May 26th, and will continue sending out invitations daily as we work through the waitlist. We will be adding between $2-3M in property values every week for the next few weeks so stay tuned for your invitation!

Q: How is order determined?

A: We used a random number generator to assign all users to a different place in the queue.

Q: Why aren’t you just acquiring more rental homes so everybody can invest?

A: We’ve been increasing the number of acquired rental properties every week to ensure we have enough inventory to meet demand. Our acquisition strategy is to expand into new cities and purchase through different channels, while remaining very selective in our inventory. 

Q: How many rental homes are you planning to add to the platform over the next few months?

A: We’ve recently acquired 45+ new rental homes that will become available over the next few weeks. Our acquisition team continues to work diligently on providing investment opportunities.

As always, we build for our clients and if anyone has feedback on this test program, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any Arrived team member. Any feedback we get will be used to improve our future tests. 

We want to learn from your experience, so we can continue to build for you. Ryan Frazier and The Arrived Team will be hosting a live webinar on Wednesday, June 1, at 1:00 pm PDT. Bring your questions and suggestions! Register for the webinar here.